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Women are subverted from their own selves.

The energy they carry in their bodies has been subverted by the opposite and negative energy of men.

Instead of remaining loyal to their own inner energy which is nurturing and co-operative, they have become like men with the same competitive outlook based on control and power.

Men and women have the same internal energies but they go in different directions.

Women don’t doodle which is making drawings from ego based on power and control.

Women are good at Spontaneous Scribble done without ego in less than 30 seconds. Using the power of imagination produces an image. Image is defined as energy locked into material even if this material is no more than paper and pencil. The image has meaning in that chart data pertaining to an individual person. It can inform, warn and even prophecy.

One more requirement best held by women is instinct. Instinct in this modern age has been downgraded, even banished by current scientific thinking.

Instinct goes back a long way even to the beginning of life on this planet.

Instinct is associated with seeing and hearing along with touch, taste and smell.

In the modern world all that is left of instinct is the inner energy of women now just a trace of its former position.

When instinct is threatened it results in health problems, physical, mental and spiritually. Only the instinct towards good health can return a sick patient to good health.

Instinct here is associated with the full flow of psychic energy which flushes out ill health.

Here the woman must know she is free. Free to experience the full flow of energy.

Spontaneous Scribble is associated with freedom, the freedom to create an image that has meaning. That is to warn, inform and even prophecy.

Image created spontaneously is basic, like belief.

When image is elevated into Symbol then the symbol becomes the foundation of language. As such it runs with the full flow of energy and is a good efficient communicator.

Today language has become too abstract and too far removed from its original symbols. This is true of the Western World where all it’s institutions have downgraded themselves and no longer serve the community. China on the other hand with its picture based language such as a Mandarin can offer efficient communication and as such has become the power house of the world.

Spontaneous Scribble could re-invigorate the lost symbols of earlier times.

One such lost symbol is the power of the cross. If it can be removed from its religious association which may give offence and be accepted as a psychological symbol, its original power of expression can be unleashed. In Jungian psychology the cross referent two opposites. Jung wanted the integration of opposites. He called this the true goal of life.

The intent behind the integration of opposites is to arrive back at the beginning. The beginning is where we all come from. The wonders of technological advancement has left the beginning far behind. It has obstructed both words and numbers for beyond their original symbolic meanings and with this has diluted the original energies that underscored all human life.

Spontaneous Scribble allows us to go back to simple beginnings such as original image. Image energises into symbol and symbol into what Jung called the Archetypes.

Image, symbol and archetype can only lead us to awareness, the true nature of Mankind. Awareness and Psyche are two sides to the same coin. We don’t have psyche, we are psyche which means only humans have this power of awareness.

The fact that humans may not use or develop this power of awareness is the cause of so much human suffering today. It is identified as a lack of balance. True nature abhors imbalance and will even allow negative energy to come in and fill the void.

The world today has an energy problem, not only with the lack of oil and gas but also with inner energy, the full flow of psychic energy through what Jung called the Unconscious.

For example the problem of  Climate Change is usually only addressed through the outside dimension of Global Warming. Part of the equation includes Human Nature which erroneously believes it doesn’t need to change. It can only change to the good by increasing the flow of psychic energy made possible through image, symbol and archetype. To start this process use Spontaneous Scribble, putting energy into material.

Seeing comes before hearing. All great teachers use seeing as a pathway to knowing. Knowing leads to experiencing and when this happens the human being can survive all manner of disappointments. Experiencing leads to the truth and no one can take this truth from us.John Baldock at Alpha Studios in Western Australia can guide you on a journey, from non-sustainable to sustainable, from symptoms of illness to the meaning of health. This predicates you knowing yourself and expressing yourself through visual art, music, poetry, movement and taste.

Allow him to take you on this journey.

John K Baldock.
Artist. Mentor. Teacher. Psychotherapist. Writer. Listener. Advisor.

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