Creativity as Reflection

A combination of science and materialism has removed reflection as a right of passage in human growth and development. Reflection is defined as consulting with oneself and given to meditation. It is the quiet time of the mind.

Before what can be called the advent of the modern era especially based on science a quiet time could be sought in nature and natural things. This gave rise to reflection allied to meditation and imagination. This was a possible quiet time waiting for expression. As the poer Wardsworth said,

“The music is my heart I bore,
Long after it was heard no more.”


“It is a beauteous evening, calm and free,
The holy time as quiet as a Nun,
Breathless with adoration;”

With the scientific removal of reflection, along with meditation and imagination, life became endless activity, extraverted behaviour and the ills of anxiety and depression. The term “burn out” was invented.

With this increased activity came domestic violence on an epidemic scale.

A creative environment based on reflection, meditation and imagination became harder to find. It can be said the wells are drying up.

John Baldock at Alpha Studios in Western Australia has well over fifty (50) years of experience in developing creativity at an individual level. He is a visual artist and uses spontaneous scribble as a source of image making. His advanced psychological training enables him to use the thinking of Carl Jung in the development of creativity. He is the author of “God can be Downloaded” which details many years research into creative thinking.

Allow him to take you on a journey of the mind if you are willing to undertake the steep learning curve from death to life.

Creativity is intrinsic to the human condition. It needs to be expressed if development is to occur.

J.K. Baldock

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