Creativity and Loneliness

Creativity may be the antidote to loneliness. it is hard to be lonely when you make something or birth the new. Loneliness is different to being alone. Being alone has human resources such as self awareness, inspiration and motivation. These contribute to creative development which carries the activity of self expression to its logical conclusion which is life enhancing or even life itself. Loneliness is negating this expression and is like existing in a void.

Expression is best served by all the Arts whether visual, musical, movement or literature. All of these are involved in the production of images which pioneer psychologist Carl Jung calls the language of the Psyche. In this we don’t have psyche, we are psyche, in that we have an unlimited capacity for awareness.

Exercising awareness stimulates the flow of energy which Jung called Psychic Energy but which can first be referred to as Life Energy. The flow of this energy drives out loneliness.

John Baldock at Alpha Studios Western Australia is an expert at developing creativity. It is inside everybody and just needs expressing. Allow him to help you.

J. K. Baldock.

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