Creativity and Creative Development – John Baldock.

Creativity is an individual human activity. Nations and Institutions can reap the benefit of but in themselves cannot be creative. Here creativity is defined as birthing the new. Only individual human perceptions can birth the new. And this faculty of perception is a birthright and it can be taught. Current political ineptitude has destroyed the birthright for many. Creativity at the individual level is currently destroyed by the relentless impositions of what can be called the “Outside in”. This is where people come to depend on facts coming to them from so-called experts whether religious or financial. Dependence on others is a sure way to foil. Be independent and sure of yourself. That way leads to “Inside out” and provides the best solution to problems.

Changing from “Outside in” to “Inside out” may entail difficult personal choices but the rewards are worth it. For example, energy flow may increase moving from static to creative. At the creative level, illness and disease may disappear. Certainly, prosperity will increase. There are three legs as it were to creativity. They are reflection, meditation and imagination. All destroyed by political ineptitude. Reflection is based on who we truly are.

The MYERS BRIGGS Type Indicator (or M.B.T.I) indicates out personality based on neurological strengths and weaknesses. For example, an individual who prefers thinking as the dominant mode of sorting data may be weak in the feeling function and have trouble in relationships. Here feeling does not equate to emotion. According to Jungian Psychology, both thinking and feeling are rational functions. Emotion is regarded as irrational. While individuals tend to deny psychological weaknesses in their personality, these so-called weaknesses are the very source of creativity. This is because while they are low and repressed in the psyche, out of them come movements of energy that lead to creative development.

The Pioneer Psychologist Carl Jung (1875-1961) believed in the integration of opposites as the means to become whole. Meditation involves closing down all outside distractions. Such meditation has been practised in the East for many years but is less followed in the West. Westerners get caught in distractions because it gives them a sense of control. Such control is an illusion. The contribution of meditation to creativity is to allow energy to flow. There can be no creativity without energy.

Imagination is an important human attribute that relates to creativity. Embedded in the word “Imagination” is the word “image”. Carl Jung said that “Image” is the language of the psyche. As such “Images” communicate with the self, such “Images” come from neurological functions as they relate to “Inside out”. People have been conditioned away from this state with “Outside in” the dominant mode of education, employment and the living of life. Very few people live their lives, most have their lives lived for them by the Society in which they live.

Imagination based on “Images” is not highly regarded by Western Society. It is called subjective and passes into the realms of dreams, vision, mythology, fairy tales and Ancient History. Dreams are rich in “Images” and can be meaningful when allowed to be themselves through a process called “Active Imagination”. Here “Images” relate to the Dreamer by informing, warning and communicating from “Inside out”.

Myths and Fairy Tales become stories of meaning and purpose. Based on dreams, they become icons of human experience over many centuries. Music and Poetry are seldom taken to provide meaningful experiences, but they are full of energised “Images” that relate to human concerns.

Without reflection, meditation and imagination working together to produce meaningful “Images”, the Western World suffers from mental ill-health.

The current supremacy of Science means that the “Image” making facilities have been neglected. Balance is required. This involves moving from over-reliance on “Outside in” to “Inside out”.

The economy and money is important. So is the internal mental state of individuals who call for good mental health.

Whenever Creativity and Creative Development comes up for discussion, the question arises of where to find teachers. They are few in number, obliterated by neglect. Claremont School of Art in Western Australia was a powerhouse of creativity but was closed by the government of the day.

Extensive research was saved and sent out of Australia to countries that have recently emerged with power and prosperity. Such countries have become powerful because they appreciated the application of creativity to Commercial Development. They still need to apply creativity to the life of the individual at the mental health level. But because of the appreciation of creativity and actively developing creative teachers, they are making progress. It would be a shame and unnecessary if Australia lags behind.

In conclusion, creativity taps into hidden energies that lead to wholeness. The human psyche will not tolerate imbalance. This imbalance can be associated with illness and disease, angst and general anxiety.

John Baldock at Alpha Studios has over fifty years of experience as a teacher of creativity on a scientific basis of psychological testing. Allow him to help you.

John Baldock – Artist, Teacher, Author. Wattle Grove WA.
December 2018.
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